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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, today, secretary of state clinton returning to work after recovering from a concussion and a blood clot near the brain. her co-workers giving her a welcome back. presenting her with some unusual gifts, first a protective football helmet, one state department staffer joking politic saz contact sport. and the second gift, a jersey with the number 112, that is the number of countries secretary clinton visited in four years as secretary of state. 112. also giving their boss a standing ovation. that is your last call. we're closing down shochl we'll see you again tomorrow night. make sure you go to is there an open thread. good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you on
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hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with the panel and it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> kimberly: gun control debate is heating up and one of the common arguments from anti-gun advocates is that we don't need more guns. but sometimes guns save lives. two in georgia gaz whose home was invaded. it happened 30 miles from atlanta. when the person broke in the hid in the crawl space. when the suspect found them she shot him. it didn't kill him but sent him fleeing. because she was able to have that weapon she was able to save herself and her kids. he is currently under hospital
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under police custody. >> eric: that is whole point. gun control people, a lot of people say let's make it harder and more difficult. register every gun. they want to do all these things. problematic is what you are doing you are making it more difficult for law abiding citizens who want to have guns protect themselves like this lady and countless of hundreds of thousands that protect their own property and stuff from bad guys, hurt them. you inhibit them from getting guns and allow criminals to get guns. last i checked, heroin and cocaine are illegal, right? people still get heroin and cocaine, bad guys are getting it and they are breaking the law. >> so heroin and cocaine should be legal. >> no, it won't help banning guns and assault rifles. we already have an assault rifle
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ban. >> greg: i was just joking. >> dana: i don't know how i feel about this. i'm trying to be open-minded to see what vice president biden comes back with after the president gave him that responsibility to look across the board and see what legislation they are going to propose. i would prefer not to have to defend myself from something what that woman went through. but i don't want my ability to be hampered by the government. so i have an open mind. i don't feel as strongly as some people. >> kimberly: quick stepping on the constitution. we shouldn't run scared from bad guys. they can get these guns at a gun show regardless. >> bob: what i would like to do, i've got some numbers. he cites this two million people a year, save themselves from gun
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violence. can we bring up the stat study. guns are used in self-defense two million times a year, that is average of 5480 times per day and that is northwestern school of law. its nice story about this lady. i wonder if eric you could name me the other 5,000 that would protected that same day. >> you pulled up a stat that millions of people are saving their lives by owning guns. >> bob: that story got into the paper. i want to know, that is newsworthy story. the idea of two million people is bogus and it is a lie. >> it's from northwestern law school. >> bob: and they are lying. and writer of that was..., it's 5,480. i want to know where it is. >> are you the dean of
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northwestern law school. >> greg: you did not bring up that static, bob brought up the static and says it's not true without any evidence. you are full of crap. can i say one thing? this guy -- you brought up a static and cited a university, it's bogus without providing evidence. let me ask you this question. why is i the my responsibility to name every person that is defended themselves. that is not my responsibility. my responsibility is to comment on the story which i am right now. the guy who was shot five times in the face he should have sued the local paper for not telling him which houses were armed and which weren't. because if the newspaper had printed that he could have burglarized the other houses and his face wouldn't look like a white castle burger. this woman that was hiding should have resorted to dialogue. i wonder how many of those celebrities and that stupid
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anti-gun control act and this woman's position, they had to hide holding a gun, i'm not talking about drug raids. i'm talking about a home invasion because they don't because they have security. the only security she had was her gun. >> bob: you once have common sense but do you not think that -- do you believe that 5480 people every day protect themselves from gun violence? >> i'm saying i didn't bring up that static but i will bring up two statistics. home invasions make up half of all burglaries in england. why is that. because the burglarers know that it's easier to break into the home when a person is not armed. so therefore, when burglars know there are guns they are less likely to go there. department of justice survey,
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2,000 felons, they were deterred from crime because of guns. >> bob: you lived in england. what was the murder rate there? it's decidedly less than united states on per capita basis. >> you can't say what the murder rate. murder rate, gun murder rate? so many things don't even report that. they don't specify by gun violence. >> bob: i knew you were going to bring that up. >> kelly: the beckel board. >> bob: week after the tragedy in connecticut there were a hundred people killed with guns, a three-year-old was accidentally shot in oklahoma. a 16-year-old boy shot in
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georgia. all right. there were hundred of these. >> how many died in car accidents? how many were killed, how many were beat up? how many were hit with pipes. here is one, how many doctors kill patients accidentally. the number dwarfs anything that we are showing. >> kimberly: i don't go to the hospital. >> eric: but you started with the statistics and we respond. >> bob: i want to know how you can equate gun killings with cars. >> you are saying how many people died. it's because of lax gun laws. >> bob: it's because people have guns in the house. >> by the way, five times shot
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in the face. >> bob, a 14-year-old shot was shot during a home invasion. that is why you need a gun to protect yourself. maybe if the family was armed they would be alive. >> bob: he was shot but someone had a firearm. >> one guy at the door of the newtown, connecticut school may have stopped 26 murders. >> bob: may have. you buy in the nra, arm every school. >> barbara boxer wants the national guard there. >> bob: that is ridiculous, too. i didn't know about a boxer, the nra and barbara boxer. >> dana: does a legislation comes with a magic wand that going to make all these guns go away. >> a magic wand, you swing that thing, you could take somebody's
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eye out. have we talked to any wizards about this. >> i want to move on. >> kimberly: so how about this. 25% are saying it's not accurate. >> not only that, what we found what people have found, like you said 25% may not be accurate. any time you apply for a handgun permit, this is not rifles or shotguns but just handguns. it would show up on that map. in 1970 it applied for handguns and move out of the town, that address still had a red dot on it. number two, there are certain correctional officers who say, hey, we know where you live now. you have a gun. we know exactly where you are. the prisoners they know where they live. there are so many reasons why that is bad. i have been on my record, put my
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name address on that map, my neighbor might not want it. you putting a big sign on my neighbor's house, he's gone a gun and i don't. >> but the location of these officers, people that want to keep family members out of jail. >> they paid a steep price for doing that. they lost 40%. >> is that to the big enough. >> you could have, i joked about a lawsuit, real lawsuit would be people in the rockland county could say that the paper put them in harm's way. what if you printed these are the houses that don't have alarm systems. maybe you could do something about dogs. these are the houses that have guard dogs. how is that different? >> bob: we need to do a segment but there is a national gun registry that every gun is purchased. >> dana: i don't like that. >> bob: you can follow the serial number of guns.
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>> eric: what was the second amendment for? by not having a dictatorship by not having a fascist government. if you register every gun it puts a mark on knowing where every gun is. >> bob: and constitution, bunch a slave owning white gentlemen, no women. >> eric: democrats? >> bob: yes, of course but the constitutional was meant to change as things went along. >> that is a certain view. >> bob: what about women's right to vote. >> dana: wasn't it in the bill of rights. >> bob: you have to have a constitutional amendment. >> dana: what are you saying? >> bob: i think you could define it but slavery, women's right to vote all those things be taken oh over by constitutional amendment and passed by 75% of
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the states. you women wouldn't have the right to vote. >> dana: you women? beckel. >> is joe biden task force sounds an argument for guns. >> kimberly: president obama doesn't think america has a spending problem. a his supporters weren't happy when he saw the tax increase hit them in the pocketbook. we break down the numbers when we come back. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ obama supporters like buyer's remorse after liberalism finally hits home. your paycheck. >> my boyfriend has had a a lot of expenses and feeling squeezed and having his paycheck lower didn't help. one wrote, many of my friends
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didn't realize it either >> eric: spread some of your wealth for a while. take the food stamp, obama broke the record. bottom line, folks we spent $100 billion on food stamps last year. money well spent say the left. look at some of the ways welfare recipients have been spending your hard eric monday. strip clubs, ipad purchases, i'm going to start with kimbo. how much waste in the system if they are spending this kind of money like this. >> kimberly: it's difficult to follow everybody around and have to rely on people that tell on other people, snitches because this is ridiculous. how do you want people to move
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forward if we wanted to increase food stamps. how about finding people jobs and education they can help themselves and their families out of poverty. no, bob, i'm not talking about the simple moms with two or three kids. i'm not talking about feeding children or feeding families. i'm talking about abuse in the system. >> bob: those are facts and strip clubs. does anybody have facts about what percentage of people abuse it like that. >> estimates have been 25-30% of that. hanks saloon and blue door video shop and soho lounge and drinks galore. >> bob: if i were to list food stores i could go on for years. it's nice thing to bring it out and makes it exciting, it is ridiculous.
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food stamps are needed by most people that need them. and paycheck issue that you refer to in the two or three twits or tweets, whatever you call them. you underestimated the american people intelligence. when they are getting a cut in pay local taxes, it's not much money. at first it was cut. when obama did this at the last minute. >> the point of that was, democrats never saw the paycheck coming. >> bob: you are making it sound like, everybody is seeing a massive pay decrease and it's a small amount of money so don't use it as if obama raised their rates on everyone. >> president obama beat his record from last, which being 10 and beat 9, i think it was $39
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billion in food stamps when george bush left office. hundred billion dollars. >> dana: let's say that everybody needs, "x" amount fraud. 15% however that figures in to. as a country we're not talking about how to help people get off the system and on to a more sustainable lifestyle to be able to take care of themselves. when you opened you talked about an article when president obama is quoted by boehner as saying he said to him we don't have a spending problem. the white house is not backtracked on that. obama has backtracked on something, medicaid cuts. he was willing to do $110 billion in cuts and he is not going to. president obama was admitting that he could not bring his left his democrats to the table on spending cuts.
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that is why we're going to have another fight on this in february. >> if things were getting better and he has created these jobs, why do we have to increase spending on food stamps. >> greg: when he says we don't have a spending problem, he is right. we have a mental health problem, only a person saying that would have a mental problem. the tweets, okay? this is my twisted metaphor, voting for obama is like eating a pint of ben and jerry's in your sweats because the sweats don't have elastic. you don't feel the consequences of eating the ice cream. next day you get up to work and you put on jeans under a can't get them on because you are fat pig. so voting for obama is eating ice cream in your sweats. >> bob: that is twisted.
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>> greg: the fact is... wait... with this media the only way to cure lessism is let everybody feel the consequences. let everybody experience the buyer's remorse and code pink will be pleading for george to come back. >> bob: end of the bush administration we had the great recession. of course food stamps are going to go up. >> they can't go any higher. >> i'm just jealous of all the welfare stuff going to the strip clubs. they are having more fun than me. >> there you go. >> justin beiber caught on camera smoking something after paparazzi was accidentally killed while trying to snap photos.
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the bieb and we got the pictures. stick around.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: some people will post anything on facebook and twitter. and 18-year-old was arrested after he posted on facebook he had been driving drunk and hated car. somebody read that and called the cops. does he regret it. >> yeah, sure. i probably shouldn't have posted what i said on there. i kind of regret it.
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it got blew [ bleep ] out of proportion. >> dana: kimberly. they charged him. do you think that is right. >> kimberly: hello. he said, i probably shouldn't have done that. they didn't bring indictment charges against him because there wasn't going to be sufficient evidence and blood test in time. if he had posted five minutes ago and had probable cause, sure it could have been you. statements are used all the time. this didn't have sufficient evidence. >> dana: it wasn't the cops weren't tracking him on facebook. somebody called the cops. maybe it was actually one of his friends on facebook. what do you think. >> bob: i think what is dangerous, there is no evidence that this kid did this. a kids have tendency what they r may not have done it. >> dana: and also said on tv.
11:30 pm
>> bob: what i'm saying, when there is no evidence available to police, it seems to me they shouldn't be charging people. >> kimberly: there was without something to tie it together. >> bob: if you are going to take teenagers what they say on facebook and say stuff. >> eric: there is a bigger broader issue. that generation, the young generation who are on facebook and on cellphones, every cellphone has a camera on it, they are used to using the phones and pictures and sending each other stuff. you have to have a discussion with your kid. you can't be sending bad pictures. you can't be saying, i did this. you can't take a picture of them breaking the law, drinking or smoking pot and posting it because it can and will be used -- our high schools say they will bring them in in and
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throw them out of school. >> greg: i have a solution, the gut field registry, they send the pictures to me first and i decide. what the libertarian's point of view on this. >> greg: national libertarian association. >> dana: can i ask.... >> greg: he was sorry about it that he lotto wrote about it. >> dana: we can save the second topic. the american freshman survey, of over 9 million people have taken part over 47 years. what they have seen, a huge disconnect between the freshmen college, their thoughts about their own abilities and their actual abilities including things like writing. they also say they have a drive
11:32 pm
to succeed. >> greg: the fact is we spent the last 25 years, achievement at a level and we are all "a" plus students. there has been elevation there a desire for fame divorced from achievement so fame itself is the achievement. which is why you have young people play a firefighter than actually be a firefighter. you also in a way acting out a certain presence of being cool rather than real activity, being cool an ironic rejection. >> dana: they are studying less. only studying 6 hours a week and working less yet they said they should be paid more more. >> bob: remember, we talked about this. you can't have a little league game and winners and losers. that is at the heart of this. some schools only have pass and fail grades.
11:33 pm
i think its social issue about people who do not hold kids accountable. so when they are told everything they do is wonderful and they can't lose, they get into college and realize they can, they'll learn. >> dana: this is funny to me. this story was in the daily mail a u.k. paper. this is from a country, they love to look at america, you are lazy and overweight. when i was living there there was school district that banned musical chairs because somebody had to lose. >> kimberly: that is so lame. >> you know musical chairs, al roker. >> you are full 6 crap. >> dana: do you want to explain that further. google al roker. >> that is mistake that happened >> you wouldn't be very happy.
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>> we're going to discuss that in a break coming up. i think somebody lost control over that and its only monday. controversial call that the redskins game last night. we're going to do sports when we come back. [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i got new york and
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my colleagues with the five. ♪ ♪ i sit and watch asears go by ♪ ♪ ♪ >> singer marian faithful has
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turned 66. she is now alone and performing for little money. here she is before jagger. when the media talks about rock and roll they hailed jagger but those sucked in the lifestyle that can't endure the hard living. the cool life translates into pleasure without principle which undermines female strength and power. women wisely avoid strife through cooperation. why is that? i know evolutionary science dictates our behavior ensures survival. that is why men fight wars. in china or india it's reversed, their women are disposable. they reported india china possesses as many unmarried young many as the whole population of american men.
11:41 pm
these unbalanced rates are linked to female abduction and ra rape. i'm no fan of search research, but if you look at the stats, crimes against women increase. you don't hear much from feminists on that stuff. is it because being pro-choice isn't always being pro women. time is only on mick jagger's side because he has the wanted to pay for it. his play things weren't as lucky. >> can we do that again? >> both ideas, consequences of feminism and free love, both offer illusions of power that are only temporary. >> only women entranced by the delusion. >> greg: lifestyles that entail risk are beneficial to men but
11:42 pm
risk attract women into the fold and they can't sustain the same lifestyle. perfect example. whatever happens to the groupies where did they go. >> kimberly: how did you develop this soft spot for groupies? >> i was once in a band. >> are you going to agree with this? >> the background is on greg's side. we can say that is the case but we are different. i celebrate the differences. on the rock and roll thing, if you look at people ozzie, there is no tie of woman he has done. biting the heads off of bats and things that would freak me out as a teenager. now, he is amazing star but women aren't necessarily the same. >> why not?
11:43 pm
>> i changed my mind! >> and be under the influence. >> i read in keith richards' book the trek through north africa with marian faithful. she went through the same thing with more drugs which i used in two weeks which is lot. she couldn't take the pressure on her body. i think the contrast is remarkable. another example. let's move on. >> i want to talk about beiber. >> one of the things she says she did not save for her old age. every woman needs to start saving down nou because you might have to rely on yourself. >> what are we talking about? what about personal responsibility. go get a job. expect everyone to feel sorry
11:44 pm
for them. >> i want to get to the justin beiber story. >> greg: pick surfaced of him smoking dope. can we see these pictures, please. i guess he is smoking what the kids call a blunt. he since tweeted a non-specific apology. everyday growing and learning, you get knocked down dance. >> can you get knocked up. i don't even think he is attractive. people should say, you are not cute or funny. just sing and nothing else. >> bob: greg has at his house, endless cheap cigars, all the tobacco is out of them and sitting there. >> you just snitched on him. >> greg: they are for
11:45 pm
therapeutic purposes. you briefly beiber. >> he was under age. i did not. i'm not attracted to him. [ laughter ] >> coming up.... >> i thought that was the story of the week and nobody cares. >> watching the redskins which i believe is a soccer team compromised the star quarterback playing on a badly injured knee last night. the info on robert griffin iii is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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11:47 pm's eating less. to losing weight. i'm hungry just thinking about it. thank goodness for new slimful. one delicious, 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water, like before dinner, helps keep me satisfied for hours. so instead of this much, i only need this much. and slimful tastso good... i don't even miss dessert. slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing.
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robert griffin iii, it came to a painful end in the playoff games when he re-injured an injured knee twice. which raises the question whether she should have been in the game at all.
11:50 pm
his coach is taking a lot of heat today. he answered critics today. >> i'm not going to take a chance on his career to win a game, but i also know when you got belief from the guy and you feel that he can play at a certain level and the doctors are telling you he is okay to go in, you got to do what you think is right. i didn't think it was right he wouldn't have been in there. >> bob: when he first injured his knee about four games ago, the doctors said he was never asked about whether she should be back in the game. she said doctor said they did say that. but to put a guy with a injury like that, he now has tears in acl and lcl. this is potentially not a career ender but the fact he was in that case is disgraceful. >> eric: december 9th he had an
11:51 pm
injury, he never cleared him to come back to the game. he came back last week and ner cleared. there is a problem. that is one issue. the bigger issue for me is last night's great many. griffin hurt his knee. everybody thought it was it. came back and then that happened right there. here is the issue, that coach, many years, fantastic coach, he blew i it. he risked the franchise. >> the added layer, i went back in because my team needed me. this is guy doing that. >> bob: what do you think about this? >> dana: he should have never sent it back in. >> excuse me. last night, masterpiece theater,
11:52 pm
ab the wedding went off without a hitch. they are going to lose the castle, they are going to ask for money and you are talking about football. >> bob: greg, please. >> in this case, it is clearly somebody is not telling the truth. >> dana: i did read the article that shanahan said there is difference between hurt and injured. >> kimberly: that is good point. >> how do you know? >> national championship, between alabama and notre dame. nine and a half points, alabama is favored. i'm going to give the spread and i'm going to get the spread and i'm going to take notre dame. >> i went to jesuit high school and i'm a catholic but i will
11:53 pm
have to go with alabama crimson tide. men playing boys. >> bob: we have a bet. >> dana: what i do, i judge by mascots and i do my rock paper scissors, can than elephant beat an irish man. >> one more thing, up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath or swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and may be fatal. intermezzo should not be taken if you have taken another sleep medicine at bedtime or in the middle of the night or drank alcohol that day. do not drive or operate machinery until at least 4 hours after taking intermezzo and you're fully awake. driving, eating, or engaging in other activities while not fully awake without remembering the event the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation,
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♪ ♪ time now for one look, i can't leave it alone. >> tell me about it. [ laughter ] >> that is really sweet, greg. >> i want to talk about paul krugman, latest column, outside man, read the first sentence. yes, i've heard about the notion i should be nominated as treasury-secretary. i'm flattered but it really is a bad idea. so the self-absorbed chuckle bucket goes on without mentioning who actually discussed nominating him. maybe his cats or multiple personalities. i was also nominated for secretary of defense and secretary of state but i'm not a secretary, it's demeaning. >> what are you talking about.
11:58 pm
>> this is true story. >> first of all, i thought that article was from the onion, but its really idea... but he didn't say it. >> watching football last night. i caught some of the huckabee show and saw this piece called invisible thread about 11-year-old panhandler and met a busy stuff. they have a book out. he talked about how he thought love was best expressed. >> i often go to school and i see all the kids coming with that their lunch in brown paper bag. for me, i knew someone cared about them. i know someone loved them. they put time to give their lunch in a brown paper bag. lord, asked me one day. i will i have give you money or
11:59 pm
i will make you lunch. listen, i don't want your money, but if you can put my lunch in a brown paper bag it will make a world of difference because someone would know that people would cared. >> it's an interests operational story. >> when i first heard the story i thought it was joke but new york congressman, has reintroduced a bill to amend the 22nd amendment no person should be elected to the president long than two terms. >> andrew luck and the indianapolis colts and russell wilson.

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